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We communicate with customers as service engineers, can thoroughly understand customer needs, and provide products that meet their appropriate needs. WKB has rich service experience especially in steel industry, mining, papermaking, cement, petroleum, power transmission machinery, port machinery and other industries.

Technical help

We have a very professional team of engineers, who can conduct on-site technical exchanges and training, provide consultation on bearing type selection, on-site testing and diagnosis, and optimize the on-site installation process of bearings.

After-sales Service

24-hour response, on-site visit within 48 hours, failure analysis and optimization improvement, bearing remanufacturing, and providing systematic solutions.

Transportation Info

Choose an experienced and well-equipped international logistics company to cooperate, notify customers in advance of the departure information and expected arrival information of the goods, and provide customers with complete shipping documents.

Research & Development

Carry out finite element analysis; use surface modification for tapered rollers and cylindrical rollers to reduce stress concentration at both ends of the rollers; pay attention to the surface texture and metallurgical quality of bearing parts; Change the performance of the surface of the bearing parts to make the bearing more wear-

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